Gold IRA Investing Q & A

There are always questions from visitors who are interested in learning more about Gold IRA investing (or Silver IRA investing). Here are a few of the most common questions.

Disclaimer: I just want to be clear that all opinions and related experiences are my own. And that I am not a licenced financial advisor. I am a small business owner and busy grandpa in my 50’s…with some personal investing experience in commodities, options, real estate, technology and business start-ups.

Please be sure to do your own due diligence when making decisions that could affect your personal finances or retirement plans.


What is Gold IRA investing exactly?

In the USA, you are allowed to have a tax-deferred, self-directed retirement plan where you can add physical gold, silver or other precious metals as part of your overall retirement investment strategy. There are some very basic rules and tax strategies involved that are best explained and handled by qualified professionals…starting with our recommended solution (Regal Assets LLC), who are experts at setting up, rolling over (or converting) existing retirement plans. This is perhaps the beginning of your personal quest to take control of your own financial future.


Where do I store my IRA Gold or Silver?

Depending on the plan you choose, and subject to tax laws, it is usually required to have your gold stored at a registered secure gold depository facility. This can be easily arranged for you, when you set everything up with Regal Assets. Or you can arrange it yourself after taking delivery of your bullion or coins. Discuss the options with your Gold IRA advisor and they will answer all your questions and address any concerns that you have.


Why do you like the Gold IRA investment solution?

I followed the lead of some very savvy investors that I totally respect. And it really helped that I believe that physical Gold will always be a highly valued commodity. I have lost money and value personally in the past, by investing in high-tech and real estate…or by simply not heeding valuable advice on buying physical gold or silver. I also wanted to have a choice of various package solutions for my specific needs, whether it was fast liquidity or long term protection. This precious metal IRA solution was, by far, the overall best one that I could find for me.


Are you worried about Gold pricing decreasing?

Of course! However while Gold pricing will have ups and downs (like anything!), it appears that it will continue an upward trend overall. Look at all the historical trading charts for Gold or Silver. You’ll see pricing going up and going down…but over the course of a decade or two, you’ll see that physical Gold’s overall value is way up…beating almost every other mainstream investment vehicle out there, as far as I know! (Exceptions may be early Microsoft or Google stock!).


Should I hold or liquidate my IRA Gold investments if Gold drops in value?

With any long term investment, you should expect ups and downs. The value of the investment is how much it has grown overall at the end of your projected term. If you have a day-trader mentality on investing for your retirement, this may not be your solution. There may be tax considerations if you change your self-directed IRA portfolio every time there is a market correction. Look…This is not rocket science! I believe that you invest in Gold now and hold for long term value.


Do you think it is a good time to invest in Gold?

When Gold hit $350 an ounce in 2002, one of my associates said that he was liquidating his gold assets, because, as he said, “the limit had been reached”. Well…It actually continued to increase in value, and reached $500 by the end of 2005. Then it hit $1000 in 2008 as all the “experts” were predicting the bottom would fall out. As we now know, corrections always happen, and gold fell to $750 that same year. But wait, then it crashed thru $1000 again in 2009. Then rocketed to a high of $1800 in late 2011. Now we do seem to be in another correction cycle (at the time of this writing, Gold is “only” in the $1300 range). I believe that Gold & Silver are a bargain right now. It’s like getting a 30% discount just because you timed it right!! Some pretty smart people think that gold will return soon and reach ranges upwards of $2,000…$2,500…maybe even more!


If I get the Free Gold Investment Kit and bonuses, is there any obligation or “hard selling” of the IRA Gold investment plans?

No. You are in control at all times. The Gold IRA company advisors are there to help you based on your input and individual portfolio requirements. They are totally professional and very friendly. Insider Tip: I imagine that there are many people just like you and me, who are converting IRA’s to Gold every week. It did not appear that there was any shortage of business for the Regal Assets Gold IRA team! You can tell that they are very caring about each new client, but they also have to be very efficient in handling every client’s unique situation. Their office is extremely busy with helping those people who have done their research and want to convert their IRA’s into Gold right now! So you definitely don’t have to worry about anyone “hard selling” this to you.


How do I get more details on Gold IRA rollovers or investing? What is the next step?

Everyone has different thoughts and retirement goals…And financial wisdom! I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my time…most related to not taking action when I really should have. (Remember that Microsoft or Google stock?). So my advice is to simply take action. Check out this solution for yourself by making the call or requesting your free gold investment kit.

There is no downside to getting more information that might ultimately help you prosper in the long run. I was never pressured and I knew I could walk away at any time with no hard feelings.

These are really good people who are willing and able to help you. If you want simple answers and expert advice on your gold IRA investments, make the call today! (Yes, it is toll-free at 1-855-631-3523).